Pups, Pools and Ponds

Posted by Mrs. Bones on 11/29/2017

Until the warm weather arrives permanently and you can train your puppy how to swim to steps or exit strategy, uncovered pools and ponds in the cold weather pose eminent danger to very young and very old dogs. Danger from falling in accidentally when exploring their new environment or when playing with other dogs, death from drowning or Hypothermia could result. Pups depending on breed aren't very sure footed until over 6 sometimes 9 months or more. Older dogs tend to suffer from vision and sometimes balance issues making ponds and pool dangerous. Things u can do? Put young or old dog out alone and watch them, you could also utilize an X-pen or keep dog or pup on a leash or line. Especially when snow is on the ground Dogs often can't decipher what is pool or pavement. Just a tip having had a close call myself multiple young dogs running my 8 wk old pup got knocked in, thankfully I was there to retrieve her.