Green Dog Syndrome

Posted by Mrs. Bones on 11/29/2017

So Luna enters her second week of daily and dietary supervision. It is important to observe the dogs food intake and don't give them treats! If they are behaving extra special give them a low salt rice cake (not flavored) unlike humans the dogs really like them! I think it is more the crunchy texture than the taste but they do like them and they are low on calories.

Another problem when cutting a dogs diet can be what I call "The Green Dog Syndrome" this is when a dog chooses to recycle there own waste by eating it again after they poop. This in effort to remain feeling full. Certainly not a mouth their mother would want to be kissed with? I'm sure not what Al Gore had in mind to prevent Global Warming? So what to do?

Well, there are a few simple steps to curing "The Green Dog Syndrome"

First watch where they go to relieve themselves and quickly pick it up. This precaution can be problematic when there are multiple dogs or a large property that allows for them to choose a secret spot.

I prefer more aggressive behavior modification like flavoring their food with canned pumpkin, pineapple juice, canned pineapple, or spinach that makes stool repulsive to them as it should be? Another is add a few sprinkles of MSG to food to make the excrement repulsive to the dog.

An old time fix for this behavior was feed the dog a little black licorice the flavor cures the impulse to recycle.

As a last result if the flavors don't work and the dog seems intent on being a "Green Dog"? Put some Lemon Juice or Tabasco Sauce on the poop as soon as you see it and leave it there for the

dog to find, the taste will make them think the next time they choose to recycle the wrong item?