Fit Club for Luna

Posted by Mrs. Bones on 11/29/2017

Dear Dog Lovers,

It's time to break out those Mrs. Bones Velvet Leashes and commit to New Years Resolutions to get more exercise, loose weight and spend more time with your Pets!

The best part is you can accomplish all three resolutions while you and your pet remain healthier with one activity- Walking your Dog. Dogs can easily develop weight problems. This is an issue very near and dear to my heart, yes I have a fat Chihuahua. Okay, recognizing you have a "probem" is the first step in rectifying the "problem". Luna needs to loose a few pounds, I have been covering for her telling others she's not fat she's fluffy, she's big boned, it's just not a flattering outfit? So I'm out of denial and we are going to tackle this together. Treats will be substituted with low salt rice cakes and she will walk with me even if she objects, she will also not be allowed to dine with family(other dogs) as we will need to monitor her food intake.

So the "Biggest Dog Looser" is on for us!

DAY ONE: Weigh in and pep talk

WEIGHT: 10 LBS (this is not good news? she weighed 8LBS a year ago, this is serious)

The second photo is her in her bikini from the summer fo 2009, We need to bring her sexy back!