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Museum Collection

Mrs. Bones Museum CollectionMrs. Bones is very proud to present the utmost in fine hand crafted collars. The museum-quality styles evolved while Mrs. Bones was researching the history of decorative collars. Much information for the Middle Ages and Renaissance comes to us not through the written word, but by way of beautifully detailed paintings and tapestries.

While delving into the past. Mrs. Bones decided to replicate some of the beautiful sight hound collars of former times, using modern materials and methods of course. Mrs. Bones continues to research these historically inspired collars, studying early tapestries and related materials about dogs, hunting, and of course, collars.

The Museum Collection is the ultimate in display collars. Made of more fragile materials than collars from other collections --they are washable never the less. And in a gorgeous array of colors.

They are for Sunday afternoons, Christmas, birthdays, and when the queen comes to visit.

With the elegant Museum Collection, you will find the highest quality and the most beautiful collars available.

We carefully make every collar using imported matching threads. Every consideration is given to comfort right down to the satin linings. Our collars are finished with our signature custom made solid cast brass hardware.

Collar selection and ordering for Museum Collection collars are coming soon!

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