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Quality Control At Mrs. Bones Dog Collars

Posted by Mrs. Bones on

Meet Inspector 99 ! We make and visually inspect every Dog Collar and leash before it leaves our work shop.

WALKIES! How to walk your dog

Dear Dog Lovers,Seems obvious to some, but there is an art form to walking your dog. Collar on the neck, up under the jaw, and the dog walked on a 4ft leash to your side. I have a preference to walk my dogs to my left. You don't want to let the dog out in [...]

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Dear Dog Lovers, It's time to break out those Mrs. Bones DOG COLLARS and Velvet Leashes and commit to a Resolution to get more exercise, loose weight and spend more time with your Pets! The best part is you can accomplish all three resolutions while you and your pet remain healthier with one activity- Walking your Dog. [...]

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Mrs. Bones Embroidered Collars

A Mrs. Bones personalized EmbroideredVevet Dog Collars are a great item to use for introducing your dog to new people, especially if your dog does Therapy work, goes to work with you, library dog and more. People immdiately know his or her name and engage in getting to know your friend. Additionally, our Swiss [...]

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Generation Rex!

A recent New York Post article cited the fact that more young women are choosing having dogs over babies. The CDC reports that between women ages 15-29 births have dropped significantly. Where American Pet Association shoes the Small Dog population has grown by almost 16million. You can basically have much of the same fun with [...]

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